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    How we work
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    About us

    At IVAPEC we work with the top priority of offering quality services

    We develop strategies for the perfect coordination of the different areas and services we offer

    We have an interdisciplinary team in constant training process

    We take maximum care of our creative methodology by systematically evaluating progress

    Technical means 2.0. We are looking for proven co-assistants

    We offer a direct and personalized attention that evaluates and proposes improvement guidance

    Modern, attractive and environmentally friendly facilities

    Educational training library available to parents


    Since a child comes to Creative Pedagogy:

    1. Informative interview (with parents).
    2. Evaluation of the child.
    3. Creative Pedagogy team session.
    4. Interview with father and mother / educational agents (delivery of the report of the child and proposal of intervergence plan.
    5. Start of action plan with child (6 month review) and daily report.
    6. Monthly follow-up during the meeting (IVAPEC).
    7. Calendar appointments school fathers-mothers.
    8. Meeting with the school (tutor).
    9. If required: health and / or HH.SS. and / or speech therapy.



    The commitment of IVAPEC is to respond to the educational needs of our society in a creative and innovative way.

    n IVAPEC we believe in the potential and growth of each person, which is made possible with the appropriate intervention and methodology.


    Ser un centro de referencia líder en el ámbito de la pedagogía y el marketing con fines formativos.

    To be a leading reference centre in the field of Pedagogy and Marketing training purposes.


    • Quality: it is a priority in our daily work, in constant process of evaluation and improvement.
    • Collaboration: We firmly believe in collaborative work with other agents, without it our work would not be possible.
    • Communication: Communication in all senses and directions is essential, always with openness, honesty and constructive dialogue.
    • Innovation: it is an inherent part of a company that wants to stay in time, therefore, we are in a continuous search for new intervention methods and processes that expand our knowledge and benefit our families and
    • Integrity: of each and every one of the members of IVAPEC in their good daily work.
    • Leadership: For each member of IVAPEC, enhancing their qualities and autonomy. Since the growth of a company is achieved with the full development of the people who compose it.
    • Respect: For all the people who work in IVAPEC, as well as the families that request our help.
    • Responsibility: In the development of our daily work in search of the satisfaction of all the IVAPEC consultants.
    • Link: We genuinely care about the families that come to our center, letting them know is the starting point for a common work.


    From IVAPEC we support and encourage collaboration with organizations that help create a more just society, and that respects the environment.

    Therefore, for several years we have collaborated with different institutions such as:

    • Spanish Association against Cancer.
    • Santa Isabel Crib House
    • House of Charity
    • DASYC Foundation
    • Tramundi Association
    • UNICEF – Valencian Community
    • Moms in Action
    • Live Project
    • VCF Foundation


    IVAPEC was born in 2011 as a result of the growth of MSM Creative Pedagogy with 15 years of experience in the educational sector, thus becoming a pioneer and reference centre in Spain in the field of pedagogy and marketing for educational purposes.

    IVAPEC has numerous awards for the technical and pedagogical interest of its projects by the Illustrious College of Pedagogues and Psychopedagogues of the Valencian Community, the University of Valencia and the College of Graduates and Doctors of Valencia.

    Throughout our trajectory we have created a great team of professionals, specialists in the sector, that guarantees the rigor in the development of our actions in the different areas of intervention, providing our families and consultants with the maximum guarantee of quality and pedagogical excellence.


    Mar Sánchez Marchori, current director of the Valencian Institute of Creative Pedagogy, has been working in the educational field for more than 30 years, Let us make a brief summary of the most outstanding actions she has developed throughout her professional career.

    Doctor of Pedagogy, Diploma in Advanced Studies in Therapeutic Pedagogy, postgraduate in Sociopolitical Education, Family Counselor and Marketing Technician. She is an external university professor of the subjects of “Communication”, “Family Physician” and “Pedagogy and company” for 10 years in different Universities: University of Valencia, Pontifical Institute Juan Pablo II, Catholic University of Murcia and Catholic University of Valencia.

    Throughout his career he has received several awards for his professional excellence, among other women Plus of the City of Valencia and the Intereconomia Group or woman committed by her part of the Archbishop of Valencia. She has designed the pedagogical content of the Baby Tous children’s perfume line, invented more than 18 educational games and written several books, among others. She is also the presenter of the TV show “Women active today” on the Mediterranean channel.


    Deputy Director of the Valencian Institute of Creative Pedagogy, a graduate in foreign language teaching (English), psychology degree and a degree in Psychopedagogy from the University of Valencia, trained in Bologna and London, as well as in systemic therapy at the DICTIA Centre, Senior Marketing Technician and Secretary of the International Chair of professional women at UCAM, as well as psychopedagogue at UPIQ (Quirón Integral Pediatrics unit).


    • Languages ​​area
    • Creativity
    • Special education
    • Interest, enthusiasm
    • Social investigation
    • Educational marketing
    • Mediation
    • Orientation Families
    • Pedagogy and information technology