Do you have trouble saying some letters or words? Does it take a lot of effort to make a sound? Do you have trouble learning to speak?

In the speech therapy department of IVAPEC, the assessment, evaluation, diagnosis and intervention of various language, gestural, written and oral pathologies are affected. These can be manifested through speech, communication and / or orofacial motor skills.

From the perspective of interdisciplinary intervention applied in Creative Pedagogy, our speech therapy service is included in the Health area.

In Creative Pedagogy we have a specialist in Hearing and Language with which, interprofessionally, we affect the treatment of various pathologies, including:

Related to the joint:

  • Dysglossia (tongue, palate, lip).
  • Dyslalias.

Related to language:

  • Dysarthria.
  • Aphasia.
  • Simple language delay.

Related to reading:

  • Dyslexia.

Related to voice disorders:

  • Organic dysphonias.
  • Dysglosias.
  • Functional dysphonias.
  • Vocal education.

Related to verbal fluence:

  • Stuttering.
  • Alteration of the rhythm.