Do you want to hold a different celebration?

In IVAPEC we generate different educational experiences where we adapt the educational program to the needs of our visitors !!!

In IVAPEC, we create personalized animation for each wedding / communion, depending on the style of it. Creative & Fun includes attention to children during lunch / dinner and creative games (cooperation, ingenuity, coloring, magic faces …).

We have qualified monitors, including corresponding insurance coverage, all trained with the IVAPEC philosophy !!

Because Creative Pedagogy is fun !!!!

What data do we need?

Download the information sheet and send it to us, we will design a different and unforgettable event for the little ones!

SOME OF OUR ACTIVITIES (all customized):

  • Yincana.
  • Cooperative games.
  • Pintacaras
  • Testing of equipment.
  • Popular games.
  • Crafts.
  • Piñatas.
  • Ingenuity games.
  • Sport games.