Durante las épocas de Navidad, Pascua y Verano… La mejor alternativa para pasar unas vacaciones divertidas y diferentes!!! Profesionales de la educación que ayudarán a que nuestros hijos disfruten del tiempo libre!!!

With great enthusiasm, we celebrate more than 20 years doing summer courses !!! Therefore, and with the motivation to continue enjoying free time with our “ivapecos”, we briefly inform you of the times in which we conduct our courses! More than 3000 children have been having fun with our instructors: summer vacations, Alfinach, Ford, Club Cartuja, La Carrasca …

We have a staff with extensive experience, great facilities in the centre of Valencia and a program of activities of educational success: We wait for you !!!!


The urban campuses of IVAPEC facilitate socialization and coexistence among participants. At the same time, it is a fun activity and with clearly educational objectives that develop values.

The funniest activities for boys and girls of 4-12 years in the center of Valencia will facilitate the reconciliation between work and family life, which acquires maximum importance here when we meet more and more with young and working families with problems of time compatibility with that of their children.

Sport, crafts, fun, education, tolerance, reconciliation of family life, are reasons that we believe are essential to carry out this project!


For those over 12 … there is the option to enjoy a week of activities, fun, physical exercise and friendship every second week of July. All this with the educational endorsement inherent to IVAPEC activities, where in addition to having fun they will learn social skills, teamwork dynamics and love for nature!

Some of our objectives

  • Develop creativity, from Creative Pedagogy to foster imagination. All the activities, crafts and games planned seek this challenge.
  • Get stimulate creativity, communication skills, in a natural way in the activities that are carried out, respect towards others, kind treatment, respect for nature.
  • Support the integral education of the child, in a space and with a methodology of the holiday periods.
  • Facilitate the reconciliation of work and family life.
  • Develop a program with content that ensures fun and development in values.
  • Educate through habits such as order, care of materials, the effort to do things well, cleanliness and respect for children.


  • Assembly / Motivation: All IVAPEC activities are designed to arouse children’s natural inspiration. This involves challenges that in the morning welcome are presented to excite the attendees with the new day!
  • Cooperative games, traditional and original: Team games, sports, respect for nature … you learn while playing.
  • Sport: Practicing a physical activity will help the child’s development by improving his physical and mental capacity. They will learn through sport and we will teach them values ​​such as self-care, companionship, commitment, overcoming, team play… • Duties: In IVAPEC we are dedicated to teaching to study, therefore, in our summer courses the homework in an orderly environment that will allow family rest in the afternoon.
  • In the same way, some activities will be carried out in English to favor the correct learning of the foreign language.
  • Children must bring a case with the material to do their summer homework and their holiday notebook. For children, the material will be provided at the School. • The red team (the smallest), will have a notebook of the School with activities appropriate to their age and interests.
  • The rest of the participants will bring the summer homework they have proposed in their school or material provided by the families. • Indoor and outdoor games: Traditional and current board games such as chess, sinking the fleet and others.
  • Social Skills Workshops: Promote interpersonal relationships among all the participants of the group, developing values ​​of tolerance, mutual respect, cooperation and solidarity through an active participation among the proposed activities.
  • Excursion: Some Fridays we will make an excursion. Every week we will visit places near Valencia where, in addition to having fun, they will enjoy Nature and the mountains!

If you are interested … contact us !!!